We are giving you a chance to work independently in over 90 countries around the world, of which can work in 60 countries online.

We do not sell any finanzial systems or online course here, or do we collect any information from you to pass it on.

Our only goal is to find people who are willing to work independently to take advantage of a new career opportunity to earn a living.
For this we developed the system  job-extra.com.

It´s a system that informs you exactly how to work after login and later helps you online at work.

Under successful we understand to earn money constantly to be free and independent, so not dependent on an employer, so you can determine your own value.

The requirement profile:

Age from 18 years upwards no age limit.

No limit to countries and language.

Willingness for big goals and the vision to realize them in the future.

Independent and focused work with discipline and stamina.

Open to the willingness to learn and further education.

Personal interest in health, fitness and vitality.

Interest in communication and teamwork as a team player with entrepreneurial thinking.

You have social media marketing skills and are familiar with today's digital communication tools.

For them, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Co. is a way to build international contacts.

They prefer recognition and motivation to achieve big goals.

You want to earn a performance-based above average income.

How do I get the first accurate information?

You will receive an ID from the person who recommended you this page.
The ID can be obtained from the referrer in various forms,
eg .: business card, email, whatsapp, etc. 

Did you not receive an ID, or would you like to see all the information and training?
Then they should register below or login via Facebook or Google to get all the information.

 On this page you can only see the basic information with the respective video in German or English, that is only a short pre-information.

 With ID from the referrer, you can access the basic information without login. (ID you can eg. also request by contact )

Many people miss out on great opportunities because they think they know everything before, you can make it better!

Find out now, enter the ID under ID-entry  .


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